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The Sericon is an a bold interpretation of the gold standard of overdrives with more gain shaping options than other “Klones”. The Sericon has a highly tweakable, interactive mystique all its own, with three separate controls for gain manipulation; Drive, Gain and Blaze. All types of drive are on tap, ranging from clean always-on boost to edge-of-breakup to all out shred.

The Sericon begins by splitting the Gain control of the original design into its two op-amp stages with separate Gain and Drive controls. These two can be finely adjusted to taste to affect the harmonic complexity of the tone.

Next, a low pass filter is placed in the feedback loop with a “Blaze” control to further tailor response. At lower Gain/Drive settings, the filter behaves in a typical fashion, bringing in low end warmth as you increase it, while being very interactive with the Gain/Drive controls.

At higher Gain/Drive settings, Blaze can help tighten low end when turned counterclockwise, or add a lot more beef and thick saturation when turned clockwise, culminating with its namesake added upper mids punch at the far right reaches.

-Three stages of gain manipulation: Gain/Drive/Blaze
-Blaze is a low-pass filter that is highly interactive with the other controls
-Treble is a post-distortion control of the high frequencies
-True Bypass
-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)

-4.7" L x 3.69" W x 1.37" H