About Us

Full Effect Distro serves to simplify distribution logistics for our family of retail stores and select brands that we manufacture for. Ultimately, we want to satisfy the end musician with inspiring new gear! With nearly two decades of design, manufacturing, and distribution experience within the music industry as Cusack Music, we provide a wealth of resources to simplify these processes for our dealers and brands. 

We take immense pride in all products we carry, considering we've been with most of them since their beginning— from the design phase, through every hand that goes into assembly, to sending them off to new homes and pedalboards. Every step (or stomp) of the way, we're excited to watch wonderful designs grow into gear that takes part in the creation of new ideas, sounds, and songs.

For dealers and international distributors, Full Effect Distro provides a simple outlet to stock, curate, and obtain various lines of pedals for your store. We can expand the gear you offer by reducing the number of contacts and outlets needed to obtain in demand pedals, saving time and shipping expense. 

For brands, we can assist anywhere from sourcing parts (Stomp Box Parts), aid in design, manufacture, assembly (Cusack Manufacturing), to packaging, warehousing, and shipping (Full Effect Distro).

Rock on.