Dream Mender — Vintage Echo/Chorus/Vibrato

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The Dream Mender is a DSP pedal based on a classic from the 70’s often referred to simply as a DMM. We filtered and tweaked for months to obtain the analog bucket brigade chip sound the original is prized for, and condensed it down to a compact three knob format. Where it varies from the original is that it has much clearer feedback repeats, almost double the delay time, and will never need the occasional BBD chip re-calibration. We know you will have as much fun making music with the Dream Mender as we had creating it!

Operation is simple:
-Left to center on the
Blend knob is just echo, to the right of center it adds modulation to the echo repeats.
-Delay adjusts how long the delay time is.
-Feedback adjusts how many repeats you get. Set to minimum for slapback, or turn if up for spacey decay into a controlled self-oscillation. 
-A push button selects Chorus or Vibrato for modulation type. 

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included) 
-Current draw: ~70mA