Screamer V3 - Limited Edition 20th Anniversary

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The guts of this limited edition, 20th anniversary Screamer are the exact same as the Screamer V3. However, we decided to throw it back to where is all started 20 years ago with an engraved face. Each pedal has been engraved by our CNC machine and given a unique serial number. We only produced 20 total. 

-Drive: Adjusts the amount of gain and overdrive.
-Tone: Controls the tonal balance. Left is a bassier tone, right is brighter
-Level: Sets the output level. 
-Toggle Switch: Left is classic silicon diodes. Middle is LED for a louder, punchier, brighter overdrive. The LED also lights up while playing! Right is Schottky diodes for a crushed, compressed tone. 

-Standard center negative 9V DC power supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
-Current draw: ~6mA
-Safe to run at 18V DC, but will not alter the sound due to internal voltage regulator. 

-4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.24" H